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Dr.Zuhair Mattoug Gasem

Associate Professor  
Chairman, Mechanical Engineering Dept.  
Director, Center of Research Excellence in Corrosion  
Contact Information
Office Bldg-22 Room-210      
Office Phone 966-3-860 2540- ME Dept., RI=966-3-860 7500      
Fax 966-3-860 2949 (ME Dept)      
Email zuhair@kfupm.edu.sa      
Websites Personal Page      
Ph.D. Materials Science and Engineering, University of Virginia, Charlottesville-Virginia, USA ,1999.      
M.Sc. Metallurgy, University of Connecticut, Storrs-Connecticut, USA, 1994.      
M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering, KFUPM,1992.      
B.Sc Mechanical Engineering, KFUPM,1989.      
Courses Taught
ME 205 Materials Science
ME 215 Materials Science
ME 472 Corrosion Engineering
ME 474 Physical Metallurgy
ME 476 Non-Metallic Materials
ME 574 Advanced Materials Science
ME 575 Advanced Corrosion Engineering
ME 579 Advanced Mechanical Behavior of Materials

Research Areas

  • Fatigue and fracture: metallic alloys and metallic matrix composites

  • Metallurgy and mechanical properties: ferrous alloys and Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastics

  • Aqueous Corrosion, High Temperature Corrosion

  • Environment assisted cracking of metallic alloys (SCC and hydrogen embrittlement)

  • Metallurgical failure analysis

  • Thermal spray coatings

  • Materials characterization techniques including scanning electron microscopy, x-ray diffraction, and transmission electron microscopy

Representative Publications  
  • High temperature corrosion of alloy Haynes 556 in carburizing/oxidizing environments. I. M. Allam and Z. M. Gasem. Materials and Corrosion (Werkstoffe Und Korrosion), 58, No.4, 2007.

  • Environmental Degradation of Flexural and Fracture Properties of Glass/Vinyl Ester Filament Wound Pipes. Zuhair Gasem, Key Engineering Materials, Vol 334-335 (2007) pp.501-504.

  • Tensile properties of the gamma phase of isotactic polypropylene with small particles. K. S. Mezghani, Z.M. Gasem, and F. Mohammad, Annual Technical Conference - Society of Plastics Engineers (2004), 62nd(Vol. 3), 2884-2891

  • Chromate Inhibition of Corrosion Fatigue Crack Propagation in a Duplex Stainless Steel. Z.M. Gasem and M. Ahsan, Fatigue Damage of Materials: Experiment and Analysis, First International Conference on Fatigue Damage, Edited by A. Varvani-Farahani and C.A. Brebbia, WIT Press, Toronto, Canada, 2003.

  • Corrosion Behavior of Powder Metallurgy Aluminum Alloy 6061/Al2O3 Metal Matrix Composites. Z.M. Gasem and A. M. Al-Qutub, 6th Saudi Engineering Conference, Vol.5 paper 271, KFUPM, Dhahran, December 2002.

  • Rate-limiting processes in environmental fatigue crack propagation in 7000-series aluminum alloys. Gasem, Zuhair; Gangloff, Richard P. Editor(s): Jones, Russell H. Chemistry and Electrochemistry of Corrosion and Stress Corrosion Cracking: A Symposium Honoring the Contributions of R. W. Staehle, New Orleans, United States, Feb. 11-15, 2001 (2001), 501-521. Publisher: Minerals, Metals & Materials Society, Warrendale, Pa

  • Effect of temper on environmental fatigue crack propagation in 7000-series aluminum alloys. Gasem, Zuhair M.; Gangloff, Richard P. Materials Science Forum (2000), 331-337.

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